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It’s 2018 and something revolutionary happened! I no longer feel the pressure to have it all figured out – career, family, health – the thoughts are still there, but they no longer haunt me in an unproductive way. The secret is… loving myself and enjoying where I am now.

Trying to juggle it all in order to meet the social norm can be stressful. Especially because, as women, we tend to put others before ourselves – even when it’s not asked of us.

What ever happened to putting on your oxygen mask first?

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It’s time to start investing your most valuable resource – time – on you. It can be a scary journey, but life is too sort. You owe it to yourself – just try. For me, I’m throwing all social expectations, career standards, and the fake persona of “I have it all figured out” out the window. It’s time to project manage MY life to get to MY goals. It’s time to realign my actions and intentions with my values and beliefs.

So! My intention of this blog is to create an environment where it’s okay to not have it all figured out. I’m just a little girl from the island of Oahu and I have big dreams! I WILL be a successful business owner. I WILL  make a lot of mistakes along the way. BUT I do believe that we were put on this earth for each other. AND I know that my journey will be supported (and entertaining).

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I’m opening up to you for your support along this journey and I hope to inspire you to invest in yourself. What do you say?

Here we go!

I’m new to the game, so please bear with. This structure may change. Starting April 2nd, I’ll be publishing 3 blog posts each week –

  • On Monday, I’ll introduce the topic through motivational quotes
  • Wednesday will be a self-development tool that will help with your journey
  • Finally on Friday I’ll share how I’ve applied it to my life.

I feel compelled to start the dialogue amongst women because, by nature, we tend to focus our energy on things that seem more urgent for others, rather than what is really important… ourselves.

Please share this with anyone you feel can contribute to our tribe. Let’s do this together. Let me know what you’d like to talk about in the comments below.

The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.

– Oprah Winfrey

Love you all!

xx Michelle

6 thoughts on “Naturally Strong – Women who want it all

  1. I 100% believe in putting your oxygen mask on first! I live by that mantra! You go girl! Do yo thang! 😘

  2. Thank you! Strong women like you would have that as a mantra! It can be easy to forget with the smaller tasks in life. But it’s important to keep developing that self awareness. I struggle with that from time to time.

  3. Believe that Anything & Everything IS POSSIBLE. We Must ❤️ Love ❤️ One Another “First”, Ups & Mostly When Were DOWN! My motto is….. Everyone Needs Someone Sometimes! ❤️Love Endures!

    1. Yes! Exactly! Love conquers all. When we get out of own way we make the impossible, possible! Your motto is spot on and is what our world needs. 💕

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