Discovering my voice

I feel a little late in the game. Honestly, I thought I was on to something in creating this blog. But there are so many great bloggers, vloggers out there! Inspiring. Funny. Smart. What’s interesting is that they don’t discourage, rather, encourage others join.

These people, or this community, truly enjoy what they do and are encouraging others to join. I’ll emphasize – JOIN – not compete.

The Conflict

Right after high school, I dove into the “9 – 5” work force. Everyday is groundhogs day. It reminds me of a Powerpuff Girls episode I watched as a youngin’. Harold Smith eventually became a villain to breakaway from is mundane life. This is what I’m trying to avoid in real life (thanks PPG). Anyway!

Here’s what I’m getting at: I don’t have that feeling of freedom. Freedom to exercise my strengths and make an impact the best way I know (or feel).

Which leads me to my 2018 question: How should I contribute to this world? My short answer – join this online tribe of influencers. We all have unique gifts to provide this world and through this gift we’ll feel fulfillment. We come from different walks of life and everyone’s contributions are different. For me, I feel an obligation to open my heart to start the dialogue amongst women in the workforce.

Self Discovery

My purpose in life is to be a wife and a mother. My career decisions revolve around my purpose. I don’t expect anyone else to agree with my discovery – they shouldn’t have to. It’s mine.

What’s your purpose? Who are you as an individual? What do you have to contribute?

This is me – private yet open; I’m talkative yet a listener; random yet organized. Be authentic.

When we see others being authentic, we admire who they are. It’s easy to mirror their actions – but it’s not rewarding. When presenting a piece of ourselves to the world, satisfaction comes from expressing ourselves whole heartedly.

This is my voice (well, in the works at least).

My Career Escape Plan

My last post talks about how to make a calculated leap of faith. Consider this blog my secure hop. Recently I planned my escape and it took me a little over a year to pull the trigger. I have nothing against my previous employer. In fact, I have so much gratitude for what I’ve learned. I just realized that, if I wanted to be a business owner, I needed to start now.

Let me know if you’d like to hear about my one year journey in the comments below.

As I got closer to the end of chapter one, I showed up everyday and did my best everyday. My first major milestone was a financial one. I’m currently building a home and planning for a family, so money is very important. With that being said, there were perks in working for an employer. I recently took 3 weeks of vacation time off for a DIY wellness retreat and to focus my energy on this blog. It also allowed me the mind space to self reflect.

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All joking aside, hitting the pause button on work (while still receiving a weekly salary) really helped me identify the journey I have ahead.

Quick story: during my time off, I was blogging outside a Starbucks and a group of preschoolers were taking a field trip to the post office right next door. This excited little boy bumps into him mom who was leaving yoga. She returned the excitement, gave him a kiss, and walked with him to the post office with the rest of the class.

It struck a chord. I started to tear up, but because something so happen to fall into my eye. THAT IS THE LIFE I NEED TO LIVE. Taking care of my body while having the free time to join my (future) child on a quick adventure and really having the mind space to be present for that priceless moment.

My voice

This blog is my first step towards that dream. Stay tuned! The details are still being defined. But with your help and support, I’m so confident I will find my calling.

As I’m developing this blog I’m beginning to notice layers. I’m strengthening my voice. In person, I’m the goofiest in the room – cracking jokes, random thoughts, funny facial expressions. But here, I can show another side of me. Creative outlets will do that. Finding our voice means discovering your layers and developing the confidence to show it to others. Be authentic – easier said than done.

We are always evolving, always changing – acknowledge if it’s your time to embrace your gifts and make the leap! You can mold your life the way you want it. BUT! Be smart.

This blog energizes me to the core. I know that this is where I belong right now. Where that will lead me, I’m not sure. But the journey thus far is amazing. I have the platform to express myself, whole heartedly, while I continue to plan my escape through self-discovery.

Chapter 2 (stay tuned)

I hope you enjoyed this. If you can relate, please share your journey in the comments below. Remember to share this post with a friend and sign up for my weekly newsletter. I’ll be sending great motivational resource to help you along your journey.

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    1. I’ve gotten pretty good with that timing. Something always seems to fall in my eye when my heart strings are pulled. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

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