Morning person by choice

My last post provides easy tools to jump-start a healthy routine. Did you try it? Let me know about your experience in the comments below.

As for me, after reviewing my weekday routine it was a rude awakening.

I am not a morning person! Waking up to go to school as a kid was a struggle… for my dad. I was chillin’ aka – sleeping. He doesn’t know this, but when it was time for me to shower I would take another 5 min, undistracted nap on the bathroom floor. Yeah! It was that bad. There are people out there who wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. Me on the other hand, the only thing I’m ready to do is hit that snooze button. It was a rude awakening because the routine I had in mind, involves being a morning person… by choice.

My happy formula is productivity + healthy habits = creative mind + fulfilled life.

This will change with every personal season and sometimes the formula gets more complex, but what’s important is knowing your formula in the present moment and always self reflect. With that being said, we all have 24 hours in a day and we have the choice to use those 24 hours however we desire.

My daily goals are:

  1. Go to the gym
  2. Listen to a Podcast
  3. Drink coffee
  4. Journal
  5. Blog
  6. Develop my brand
  7. Clean my house
  8. Watch something entertaining
  9. Read a book
  10. Go to bed by 8:30 pm

To do all this, I need to start my day early. Why would I torture myself? For that desired feeling of accomplishment! When I start off my day early and at the gym, the domino effect happens. Everyone has different goals for different reasons, but taking the time to figure it out is essential. If we want a positive life, create a positive cycle.

The beginning of your cycle always starts with your choice. If you’re not happy with the way things are going and you feel you can’t control anything – don’t rely on negative, temporary fixes – our cycle always starts with the things we CAN control.

What do you choose?

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