5 easy ways to clear up digital mind space

Did you know that there are over 2.8 million apps available on an Android and 2.2 million available through Apple? Countless apps coupled with this black hole we call the “internet,” it makes sense how cell phones have evolved from a tool to a full-blown addiction. Nomophobia is a fear or phobia for being without one’s cell phone. Take the survey below after reading this post. Let us know your thoughts.

Before you stop reading, don’t freak out, we won’t be clearing your tech addiction with this blog post. We’re not all ready to begin our detox journey just yet. With that being said, there are easy ways to clear up your mental space from this digital world. Start by using your phone as a tool to achieve goals and find balance.

Here are 5 easy ways to clear up digital mind space

1. Unsubscribe to emails that don’t provide value

We’ve all done it – sign up on an email list that provides no value. Now by the time you wake up there are 20 unread messages that need your urgent attention. Then before you know it, you’re just ignoring all emails then eventually mass delete to start fresh. Gain control of your emails by only keeping what provides value. Otherwise what’s the point, right?

Legally, every email subscription needs an easy opt-out option. It’s usually at the bottom of the email in fine print. Look for: unsubscribe, opt-out, update preference. Then just follow the steps to opt out. Sometimes the default is updating to only limit emails, rather than a complete opt-out. Do it right the first time – read it fully before submitting.

Start with the luxury emails such as retail stores. That should knock at least 50 emails per week. Vultures.

2. Organize/remove apps

There are countless applications available from entertainment to productivity tools. Be honest – how often do you use all the apps on your phone? If you haven’t used it for more than a month, it’s safe to say you can delete it. If you’re not ready to part just yet, then put all unused apps in a folder and aim to have just one page of useful apps.

Put some structure around where apps are placed. For example: Row 3 – reading apps. Row 4 – note taking apps. Row 5 – Entertainment. Sounds strange, but grouping/organizing apps will enable productivity.

3. Remove/update notifications

With a scrubbed list, ask the follow-up question: do I need to be notified? Those red dots are designed to express urgency. Heck, the notification buttons on iPhones are red! It doesn’t get more urgent than that. A good place to start is with entertainment applications. Do you really need to know when someone looks at your LinkedIn profile every time? You may also notice a decrease in distractions throughout your day.

Need to slowly ease into it? Turn on airplane mode when you can. For those of you working clerical and have a desk phone, turn on airplane mode from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. If something urgent happens, chances are, someone will call your office. If this gives you anxiety, that survey below is for you!

4. Find a simple home screen background

It may sound boring, but having a simple single color home screen will allow you to see all your apps clearer. It also looks very chic when using a black backdrop.

5. Turn on night shift

Electronics emit a blue light. Studies have shown that this blue light can mess with your biological clock, making it more difficult to fall asleep. If cellphone use is part of your evening ritual, try scheduling your iPhone’s night shift 2 hours prior to bedtime. This will reduce blue light emission.

As promised, click here to take a quick 5 minute self diagnoses of nomophobia. You may be surprised by the results. Try these tips out and share your thoughts in the comments below.


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