Exploration is a mindset 

I recently took a trip to San Jose and it got me thinking – exploring is nothing more than a mindset. We can explore on familiar landscape and experience the same thrill, if we allow it. Everyone travels got different reasons; adventure, fulfillment, get-away. Whatever the case maybe have you asked yourself if this is something you can carry with you everyday? The answer is always “yes” but the follow up question – “how” – is not always so quick. 

I didn’t grow up traveling and was never really curious about, until I got older. Hearing stories from friends and colleagues about their adventure peaked my interest. But what’s interesting is, when I reflect back on happy, fulfilled memories, the best ones that come to mind are from the day-to-day interactions with my fiancé or close friends. I wonder if staying put at a young age helped me realize that the day to day interactions are the most valued? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring. It’s always an eye opening experience to see how others interact and maybe live their lives. This world is so diverse and so big, I would be silly to think that traveling is not valuable as well. What I’m trying to say is, what we seek during these adventures can be with us in our daily lives. It all starts with gratitude and willingness to change our perspective. 

Here are 3 ways to exercise your gratitude everyday: 


There are so many different ways to journal. Find what works for you. No, you don’t necessarily need to write. Nowadays there are so many different options. In addition to writing there’s video log, blogging, audio recording. And the resources are endless. Find a format you enjoy and routinize it – set a time, a place and a format. Try a few different options to discover an enjoyable routine. For myself, I journal after my meditation practice first thing in the morning on my breakfast bar. I found that journaling after my meditation practice allows me to write pure intentions and gratitude. If the day gets tough, I have my journal to lean on. 

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with The Law of Attraction. *let me know in the comments below if this is a topic we should talk about* Because of this, I write what I’m grateful for (it can be a small as having breakfast options or non-materialistic like gratitude for a flexible mindset). This puts my energy level where it should be before I set my intentions for the day. After I write my intentions, I write my goals as if I’ve already achieved them. For example – I will have $50k in my savings account in November 2018. Feeling the excitement of financial security allows me to live life freely to make actionable steps towards this specific goal. 

Be in the now 

In a previous post, I talked about my experience off social media for a year. A few months back, I’ve found my bad habits creeping back – checking my feed first thing in the morning. comparing my feed to other bloggers, and living my life through a potential great picture *do it for the gram* I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to experience life without social media to strengthen my self awareness on this platform. Needless to say other people experience the same. So much so that there is an app called In Moment that not only tracks your usage, but you can block social media for an allocated time allowance. So rather than clicking on my Instagram app in the morning I click on this and set my social media disabler to 12 hours. Works like a charm. 

Always be a tourist 

There’s so much to explore on your home turf. If this island girl can do it, so can you. Fortunately I live on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. There’s always a fun event, fundraiser, new restaurant popping up. Always be a tourist. Explore, try something new, join a community. Do something you haven’t done before or in a while. Life is short to take what’s right in front of you for granted. 

I hope you enjoyed these 3 different perspectives! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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